Srjana: A Woman Led Startup Providing a Platform to Indian Artisans!

Witness this creative voyage with Divya Singh, Co-Founder of Srjana, as she shares the genesis of her startup, inspired by the challenges faced by artisan communities. This insightful interview delves into her daily routine, the unique positioning of Srjana, and the exciting trends in traditional art. Discover the most intriguing aspects of her role and the productive habits that drive her entrepreneurial spirit.

Origin of Startup Idea:

From my own personal experience of seeing a family of artisan leave their age old family craft in search of better income and raising their family.

Reason to Start ‘Srjana’?

I decided to start as I understood I could bring about some difference to the present situation of the artisan cluster who are finding it difficult to sell their crafts in the market or find regular buyers.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

On a typical work day I am oscillating between calls for potential business development, associations to answering some customer queries, strategizing new plans to showcase different work of art, regularly going out and attending exhibitions in which ever city I am to understand what is it people prefer to buy etc.

How does Your Startup Srjana Differ From Your Competitors?

We are relatively new to be positioned against any competitors but yes our focus is on offline channels and bulk orders via online orders.

Srjana products
Srjana products

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What kind of New Trends Excites You?

Any new use of traditional art and craft that befits out lifestyle is something that lets me thinking on what can be done more to offer newness.

Most Interesting Part of Your Job?

That I get to interact with a whole different bunch of people who are my artisans, co-creators, buyers, other business associates and customers.

Your Productive Habits:

My ability to be organized in whatever I do. It helps me be focussed on what I intend to do and gets the work done for me.

Strategy That has Helped You Grow Srjana?

Consistency and hardwork is what has helped me to grow and still continue to work with equal zeal day in and day out.

Challenges for New Entrepreneurs?

The biggest challenge for any new business like mine is to be able to earn trust with my artisans, associates, people I work with and eventfully the customers. You constantly have to work to build relations on trust that should precede your brand and yourself.

Any Advice or Business Ideas for Aspiring Founders?

The only advice I have is if you are passionate about building something, make sure you have done your ground research and know there is a need for the solution you are offering.

Tools You Use to Grow Your Startup on a Daily Basis?

We use social media mainly and tools associated with it to market our work. Additionally we are exploring more options.

Any Book Recommendation for Startup Founders?

Well, I don’t have a recommendation on a book to read to raise a startup but personally in my early days when I started to read way back, I think ‘The Alchemist’ really was a good read which has inspired me still.

– Divya Singh (Co-Founder at Srjana)

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Srjana-A Woman Led Startup Providing a Platform to Indian Artisans
Srjana: A Woman Led Startup Providing a Platform to Indian Artisans

Srjana is a startup where passion meets purpose. Divya’s consistency, dedication, and focus have propelled Srjana’s growth. Our aspiring founders will find wisdom in her advice on building trust and understanding the market need. I hope you liked Divya’s journey, where each day is a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of traditional art and entrepreneurial zeal.


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