My Indian Things By Divya Gurnani, Transforming Spaces Like Never Before!

Divya Gurnani, Founder of My Indian Things, started her journey to redefine spaces in industry of interior design and decor. Fueled by a dissatisfaction with conventional interior design experiences, she decided to jump into the world of e-commerce with a focus on wallpapers and expanded to offer a planty of transformative products. Today, she shares her story of how My Indian Things revolutionizes spaces with creative products and customer-centricity.

My Indian Things By Divya Gurnani
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Origin of Business Idea:

When COVID started i thought of starting with e-commerce platform and that’s when i saw that the work my interior designer did to create a theme for my space was not upto the mark even after paying him so much. So I started selling wallpapers on Amazon when I saw the demand in the market i created my own website and started selling wallpapers first, slowly gradually we were able to increase the products and make the vision of transforming spaces with 5-7 days pan India as well as internationally .

Reason Behind Starting a Business:

When I saw that the work my interior designer did to create a theme for my space was not upto the mark even after paying him so much. So I started selling wallpapers on Amazon when I saw the demand in the market i created my own website which included product like wallpapers, grass, vertical garden n more so we handle commercial and residential spaces both and complete the work with installation pan India. This was a problem that for a small or large redesigning of space people approach interior designers who charge a lot of money for transformation of your house or office. But here at MyIndianThings we understand the diversification of Indian culture considering that we work as per the customer needs and our USP is customer service and customisation for most of the products.

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What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

I handle all teams, sales and B2B leads to achieve the targets.

How does My Indian Things differ from your competitors?

We provide free 3D demo of there house free of cost, for them to understand how there space will look like after installing these products.

  • We send our people for measurements as per customer availability pan India.
  • We deliver and install within 4-5 working days and even sometimes within 2-3 days.
  • MIT customize wallpapers, home decor, blinds and more based on what customer demands and we don’t charge anything for customisation or designs customer wants us to create.
My Indian Things By Divya Gurnani
My Indian Things Wallpaper

Most Interesting Part of Your Job?

Sales and networking with more people.

Your Productive Habits:

Problems will come and go we have to keep moving forward and find the solution. Because the more fear you have the slower you go, learn not to be afraid of any situation and use your belief system to achieve it.

Strategy that has helped you grow My Indian Things?

There is no strategy to anything. Hustle. Don’t think twice before doing something just go, do it and if it’s meant to be it will happen.

Challenges for New Founders?

Most important was team members who we hire they didn’t stick for long – their mind is so fluctuating they won’t stay at once place more than 8 months or a year. So keeping them motivated and goal orientated with you is the only solution.

Any Advice or Business Ideas for Aspiring Founders?

See, very important thing is that customers don’t know sometimes what they want. You have to understand the demand in the market to provide solution for it. So far people were just buying wallpaper and there was nothing around it, we actually created a entire process which gives offices and houses smart look within 4-5 days that too with no extra charges. And they don’t have to move anywhere, our people come and do it. So now it’s not just selling 1 wallpaper but transforming there space with all the interior products required that too with free designing and demo. So what I did is i found a problem, got a solution and this is pure solution oriented work for customers or else we wouldn’t have grown that much. Just don’t run behind money. Create websites on wix which is very easy to do and sell to people who are thinking to start there business or are small MSME who will for sure buy the ready website. (Find contacts in LinkedIn).

Tools You Use to Grow Your Startup on a Daily Basis?

Shopify, Zoho, Behance, WhatsApp

Any Book Recommendation for Startup Founders?

D2C growth blueprint by Rohit uttamchandani & Clock work by Mike michalowicz.

Last Valuable Words from Divya Gurnani:

Emotional intelligence & Believe plays a huge role here, if you really understand how to get things by believing in and working hard on it you can achieve anything.
And if you learn how to handle your emotions, it won’t just help but change your life to be honest.

– Divya Gurnani (Founder of My Indian Things)

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As Divya Gurnani’s entrepreneurial journey unfolds, it’s evident that My Indian Things isn’t just a marketplace – it’s a visionary endeavor transforming spaces with innovation. From quick installations to personalized designs and a commitment to customer service, Divya’s approach is a beacon of change. Her advice on belief, emotional intelligence, and unwavering hustle resonates, underlining that transforming spaces goes beyond decor – it’s about creating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

My Indian Things By Divya Gurnani
My Indian Things Founder – Divya Gurnani

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