Made 1 Crore at 27 Age by Electronic Engineer With 9 to 5 Job for 7 Years!

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I achieved the milestone of accumulating 1 Cr in liquid assets (comprising cash, liquid funds, and short-term fixed deposits) just four months before my 27th birthday. This achievement felt surreal, especially considering my humble beginnings in a financially disadvantaged family. While many may expect an adventurous tale of cryptocurrency investments, stock market triumphs, or a successful startup exit, my journey to financial success took the most conventional route imaginable – working 9-to-5 jobs for seven years.

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After earning an engineering degree in electronics from a tier 2 college, I faced the harsh reality of limited job opportunities in my field. Burdened by educational loans, I couldn’t afford to pause for government job preparations or pursue post-graduation. Thus, I embarked on a job search, eventually landing a software engineering position with a CTC of 3.36 LPA INR. Over the years, I switched jobs twice, meticulously targeting higher-paying companies, securing positions there, and earning promotions. Through strategic moves within my company, I eventually relocated to the United States, further boosting my income. Prior to leaving India, I had saved around 50 Lakhs INR. Since moving to the U.S. one year ago, my savings have seen substantial growth.


I’ve adhered to an exceptionally frugal lifestyle, abstaining from indulgences like owning a car, an iPhone, or luxury items. This disciplined approach to spending has become second nature, though I’m beginning to relax it slightly.

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One invaluable lesson from reaching my financial goal is that success doesn’t necessitate excessive risk-taking or following fleeting trends. Instead, meticulous planning and gradual progress are key. Remaining at my initial or second job would have never allowed me to achieve my current financial status. I needed to identify higher-paying opportunities, understand their requirements, and develop the skills needed to stand out, such as participating in coding competitions. Although I personally disliked coding competitions and preparing for data structures and algorithms, I was determined to attain my goals.

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This journey taught me that setting ambitious life goals and consistently working toward them ultimately leads to success. After achieving my financial objective, I’ve felt a sense of monotony, prompting me to redefine my goals and pursue more meaningful and challenging objectives.

Undoubtedly, I have no intention of touching the 1 Cr I’ve saved; it will remain invested. However, I may adjust the allocation between equities and bonds over time. I’ll continue to fund leisure activities, purchases, and travel from my current and future earnings.

– Anonymous

1Cr at 27 Age by Electronic Engineer

I hope you all like this real story and it will inspire you all.


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