How I Achieved a Salary in Crore by Age 35: The Power of Specialization and Share-Based Compensation!

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I hold an MBA from one of India’s premier B-schools and boast a remarkable 12-year career track record with a salary in crore at present. Currently, I serve as the Vice President in a multinational corporation, specializing in a niche finance discipline. At my level, compensation comprises fixed and variable components, with the latter predominantly shaping my annual earnings.


Understanding My Compensation:

My salary structure comprises three key elements, all quoted annually:

ComponentAmount (Rs)Payment FrequencyDetails
Fixed Income12,00,000MonthlyPaid out consistently each month.
Annual Bonus15,00,000YearlyDisbursed once a year as a performance bonus.
Share-Based Compensation75,00,000Distributed, 2-Year LockAwarded annually and can be sold after 2 years.

While my post-tax monthly salary stands at Rs 3.5 lakhs, the annual bonus provides an additional Rs 10 lakhs, post-tax. After two years, I can sell shares worth Rs 50 lakhs, post-tax. The cumulative income exceeds Rs. One crore, post-tax. The actual amount hinges on share price fluctuations; an increase results in higher earnings, and vice versa.

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A Common Path for Middle Management:

Many middle management roles offer a similar salary and benefits structure, with the bulk of earnings stemming from share-based compensation with deferred payouts.


The Game-Changer – Share-Based Compensation:

Share-based compensation was incorporated into my package only three years ago, yet it has been a game-changer, nearly doubling my earnings.

The Recipe for Financial Success:

If you aspire to achieve substantial financial success as a salaried employee by the age of around 35, consider the following steps:

(a) Specialization: Develop expertise in a specific area to make yourself irreplaceable in your field.

(b) Share-Based Compensation: Advocate for the inclusion of share-based compensation in your salary package, which can significantly augment your earnings over time.

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My journey underscores the profound impact of specialization and share-based compensation, revealing how these factors can propel your financial success, even within the confines of a salaried position.

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