Know How Saheli Built a Business Worth Rs.1.6 Crore from Rs.100!

Know how Saheli Chatterjee made her mark in the digital marketing sector with business worth crore by starting with just Rs.110. She started her journey of entrepreneurship with the launch of AmbiFem and through her innovative thinking, she emerged as a leader and left her mark in the industry.

The journey of Saheli Chatterjee, which started from a very humble beginning and made her mark as a social media marketing expert, is truly inspiring. Her story started with an income of just Rs 110, which he earned from her first client project. Today her annual earning has reached Rs 1,64,20,000. This is not just a story of statistics, but of patience, skill and the art of using the digital world to your advantage.


Saheli’s story starts at the age of 18. Instead of opting for traditional routes like IIT, IIM, or NIT, she ventured into the unpredictable world of digital entrepreneurship. He obtained her graduation degree in Arts from Bethune College, Kolkata.

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Digital World

Saheli’s move into the digital world is a testament to her adaptability and foresight. Initially starting with content writing, she soon made her way into marketing, where she not only made her mark but also developed her personal brand.

AmbiFem: a dream come true

Saheli’s digital empire is AmbiFem, which is a testament to her vision. The name of this digital marketing agency reflects the ambition and power of women, which offers expertise in launch management, social media marketing and consulting. Empowerment through Knowledge Apart from her entrepreneurial ventures, Saheli is committed to empowering others. Through Freelance 101 Academy, she provides guidance to freelancers to work and thrive in the digital world.

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Connection to Kolkata

Saheli is from Kolkata. Her connection with this city is a witness to her love and the beginning of her journey. Kolkata, with its cozy charm, may not be an ideal hub for entrepreneurs, but for Saheli it is a source of inspiration. Saheli Chatterjee’s story not only inspires but also serves as a roadmap for those entering the digital world, making her a true expert of the digital age. We all wait to see what new achievements Saheli will achieve in the future, but one thing is for sure: the digital world is within her grasp, and her journey has just begun.

Know How Saheli Built a Business Worth Rs.1.6 Crore from Rs.100
Saheli Chatterjee

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