What is Zero Dollar Marketing? Can It Increase Your Business’s Revenue?

If you do business (without zero dollar marketing) and are worried about its marketing and advertising, then there is no need to worry, because after the method we are going to tell you today, your business is going to grow like a hockey curve.

Although there are many ways to do marketing and to learn zero dollar marketing, but these 7 steps of zero dollar marketing can help a lot in marketing your business and increasing the revenue of your business.

7 Steps of Zero Dollar Marketing

Setup your business online (Brick-And-Mortar To Online):

For business marketing, it is very important that you bring your business online. Make your product available on e-commerce sites so that people can not only buy your product from there but can also tell you about their likes and dislikes. Today people are running their business even sitting at home with the help of online business. Here you can setup your business with less money and your payments also remain secure.

Identify your important customers (Personality & Community of Your Consumer):

After making a good product, to sell it you also have to find the personality of its customers. Don’t look at what people are liking but make the product that people want. For example, Apple company has always made classy and upper class people its target audience because they know what kind of products they want.

Create viral content for marketing:

For marketing, it is important that you also create viral content so that people get attracted towards your product. For example, when Baba Ramdev himself tells people about Yoga, it attracts people’s attention and they feel that it is really useful for them. You will also have to create some viral content about your product so that people can connect with your product.

Landing Page Engage Customers (Landing Page Is Landmark):

When the customer is impressed by your viral content, he will want to know more about your product or company or want to connect with you. Then it is very important to have a landing page where you can get the customer to fill a form to get some specific details.

Email Marketing (Email Funnel Marketing):

Using the personal information you’ve obtained about people from landing pages, you can now include them in your email marketing. You can tell him about your new offers and products through email. Here you have to sell your product to people through your content.

Manage your marketing ROI properly (Increase Your Marketing ROI):

You should also keep checking how your marketing is working and how many returns you are getting from it. Many technical free tools can help you in this work. For example, you can create your free landing page with a tool called Instapage. A tool called Convertkit can manage your email marketing.

Low cost marketing will be better for you (Stick to low cost Marketing Ideas):

First of all, focus on your technical innovation and constantly keep an eye on your target market. Keep giving appreciation to clients from time to time and keep expanding your network. Apart from this, keep promoting yourself in local newspapers and local media. You can also promote yourself by partnering with people.

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Zero Dollar Marketing

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