ATM Premiums

Live ATM Premiums of Bank Nifty, Nifty, Fin Nifty, Midcap Nifty, Sensex and S&P BSE Bankex.

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What is ATM Premium?

As an option trader, I often encounter the term ‘ATM Premium’. ATM, or At-The-Money, refers to an option whose strike price is identical to the current market price of the underlying asset. The premium is the price I pay to buy the option. It’s the income I receive when I sell or write an option.

ATM Premium Zerodha

Trading platforms like Zerodha provide real-time data on ATM premiums. This information is crucial for my trading decisions. The premium fluctuates based on factors such as the volatility of the underlying asset, time to expiry, and interest rates.

ATM Premium Chart

I rely heavily on ATM premium charts. These graphical representations show how the premium changes over time. By analyzing these charts, I can identify trends and patterns, helping me make informed trading decisions and also helps in executing strategies like ‘straddle or strangle’.

ATM Premium Calculator

An ATM premium calculator is a tool I use to estimate the premium of an ATM option. It takes into account various factors such as the underlying asset’s price, the option’s expiry date, and the risk-free interest rate. This tool is invaluable in helping me assess potential trades.

ATM Premium Example

Let’s consider a real-world example. Suppose the current market price of an Index is Rs.100. An option with a strike price of Rs.100 would be considered ATM. If the premium for this option is Rs.5, then as a buyer, I would need to pay Rs.5 to purchase this option. As a seller, I would receive this Rs.5 as income. You can see learn various ways to earn money online through our regular blog posts.

ATM Premium India

In the Indian market, the concept of ATM premium remains the same. However, the specific values can vary based on factors unique to this market, such as the volatility of Indian stocks and the Reserve Bank of India’s interest rates.

ATM Premium Live

Keeping track of live ATM premiums (as shown above) is crucial for my trading strategy. These values can change rapidly based on market conditions. Staying updated allows me to react quickly to these changes and adjust my positions accordingly.


ATM premium for straddle

Understanding ATM premiums is fundamental to my success as an option trader. It influences my trading decisions and helps me assess the potential risk and reward of different trades. By leveraging tools and resources like Zerodha, premium calculators, and live data, I can navigate the complex world of options trading with confidence.