Exotic India Art: Delivering Indian Culture to Global Market!

You’ll be surprised to know a captivating journey of artistic and cultural venture ‘Exotic India Art’ with Yash Goel, Chief of Sales & Marketing at Exotic India Art. Established in 1998, Exotic India Art is a proof to founder’s passion for Indian culture. In this exclusive interview, Yash shares insights into the brand’s origin, mission, and strategies that have fuelled its global success.

Origin of Business Idea:

Launched in 1998, Exotic India Art was founded by a team with a passion for Indian culture, and a goal to bring together people who love India. Our passion comes from a desire to share with the world the beauty of India and its unique offerings from all over the country. As lovers of Indian culture ourselves, we recognize the importance of offering a selection that properly represents the diverse regions of India. And so, we created Exotic India store to celebrate India and endeavor to bring all that we love about the country to customers around the globe. We strive to offer products that come from original Indian designs, knowledge, care and skill, with a commitment to sourcing top quality products, unique designs and craftsmanship available.

Reason Behind Starting a Business:

Exotic India Art was founded with the mission of making India’s renowned arts, crafts, and spiritual heritage accessible to a global audience, fostering a community of individuals passionate about India.

Key PointsDetails
Focus AreaGlobal delivery of handicrafts and books
Geographical ReachOver 165 countries
ObjectiveBridging the accessibility gap for Indian art on a global scale
AchievementSuccessfully facilitated the delivery of products worldwide
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What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

Maintaining a structured work schedule from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm allows me to engage actively with all departments on a daily basis, ensuring progress across the board. Facilitating daily interactions with each department aids in monitoring ongoing activities and fostering effective communication within the organization. Moreover, to encourage innovation and creativity, we conduct a dedicated one-hour brainstorming session daily. This session serves as an opportunity to generate fresh ideas, particularly for enriching the content on our website. Embracing this collaborative approach enables us to explore new concepts and continuously enhance our online content for our audience.

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How does Exotic India Art differ from its competitors?

Within this capital-intensive business model, only a limited number of competitors have demonstrated resilience. Exotic India online shopping adheres to a purchasing strategy that involves acquiring arts and crafts directly from artists at fair market prices. Employing an advance payment model and leveraging collaborations with various delivery partners for efficient pick-up and drop-off services, the company ensures seamless operations. Exotic India’s commitment to exceptional service has yielded a substantial monthly influx of visitors, reaching approximately 2 million on their website and app. Additionally, the company forges strategic alliances with multiple state handicrafts boards, thereby gaining access to artisans operating in exceedingly remote regions.

What kind of new trends excites you?

The advancements in AI and AR truly captivate me. Witnessing the evolution of AI and its integration into various fields is exhilarating. AI has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing countless industries by not only saving substantial human effort but also unlocking previously unimaginable possibilities. Its pervasive presence, from applications in Photoshop to innovative uses in Google and beyond, underscores its profound impact on shaping the future.

Most Interesting Part of Your Job?

Promoting and selling products related to India involves a vast array of cultural elements, from traditional art to clothing, jewelry, and spiritual artifacts. Connecting these to a global audience requires creativity and an understanding of diverse markets. Crafting sales strategies that align with the brand’s ethos while ensuring profitability is a challenging yet exciting task. It involves understanding customer needs, competitor analysis, pricing strategies, and sales channel optimization.

Your Productive Habits:

I meticulously plan my tasks for the following day in advance. Each of our teams has annual targets in place, strategically aligned for the entire year. These teams exhibit an aggressive pursuit of their goals, often accomplishing their targets with three months remaining in the fiscal year. This focused approach towards our objectives not only ensures timely achievements but also provides a comprehensive perspective that significantly benefits our overall business strategy.

Strategy that has helped you grow Exotic India Art?

Active networking and customer engagement have proven immensely beneficial. Direct interaction with customers provides valuable insights into their preferences, concerns, and considerations when purchasing art. This engagement helps in understanding their mindset and addressing any doubts they might have. Furthermore, networking serves as a powerful means to establish connections with exceptional artists and expand valuable industry contacts.

Challenges for An Entrepreneur?

As an intrapreneur, reaching artisans in remote villages was a challenge. We addressed this by conducting thorough research to identify key villages, visiting them personally to build relationships and understand their needs, and leveraging technology for ongoing communication. This approach ensured a respectful and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Any Advice or Business Ideas for Our Readers?

Here’s my advice for startups: Maintain a steadfast focus on your goals and objectives while navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Embrace calculated risks, understanding that profitability is the lifeblood of any company. The initial stages of establishing a company might be the most challenging, yet they often yield the most fulfilling outcomes. Striking a balance between ambition and prudent decision-making will pave the way for sustainable growth and success in the long run.

Tools You Use to Grow Your Business on a Daily Basis?

Clarity By Microsoft, SEMrush, Photoshop, Meta Business, ZOHO CRM, AR and VR are also being explored, Google Analytics, GA.

Any Book Recommendation for Entrepreneurs?

Rajesh Jain, a highly accomplished entrepreneur and a close associate, presents ‘Startup to Proficon.’ The book delves into Rajesh’s personal journey, highlighting the challenges he encountered on the path to becoming a successful businessman, including a series of unsuccessful startup ventures. Rajesh’s core philosophy emphasizes the importance of profitability for every startup, forming the central theme of the narrative.

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Yash’s entrepreneurial wisdom shines through as he navigates the challenges of bringing Indian arts and crafts to a global stage. From leveraging AI to fostering customer engagement, his innovative approach and commitment to cultural representation set Exotic India apart. Join Yash on this insightful voyage, gaining a glimpse into the mind of a visionary leader shaping the narrative of Indian craftsmanship.

Exotic India Art
image credit: exotic india art

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