Mission Start Ab: What’s for Entrepreneurs In Prime Video’s Series?

Embarking on a groundbreaking venture, Mission Start Ab emerges as a transformative series on Prime Video, a result of a collaboration with the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. Hosted by Masaba Gupta and Cyrus Sahukar, the show spotlights 10 ambitious entrepreneurs competing for mentorship and funding from industry giants like Kunal Bahl, Anisha Singh, and Manish Chowdhary. This reality series, enriched with challenges and interactions with influential figures like Ritesh Agarwal and Rohit Shetty, offers a glimpse into the real-world struggles and triumphs of the startup ecosystem.

Focusing on Rising Startups:

The heartbeat of Mission Start Ab resonates within the innovative startups it features, each poised to disrupt industries:

Basis2019Empowering women by bridging knowledge and trust gaps for sound financial decisions.
JioVio2017Utilizing AI-powered products to bridge the gap between pregnant mothers and the medical system.
Yatrikart2021Revolutionizing last-mile retail and B2B operations.
Redesyn2013Monetizing the passion of content creators like designers and influencers.
Shri Chyawan Ayurved2018Offering Ayurvedic products based on well-researched principles.
Alippo2021Providing a live upskilling and empowerment platform for women.
Daybreak2022Supplying functional and biocompatible dental products.
DTown Robotics2018Transforming agriculture and defense with drones and robots.
PensionBox2021Building India’s first digital pension app.
Spur2021Offering omnichannel helpdesk, marketing, and commerce integration for ecommerce stores.

These startups, each with a unique narrative, contribute depth and diversity to the series, making it a captivating watch for seasoned entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike.

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All Episodes of Mission Start Ab:

1Founders clash with unique skeptics in their debut challenge, aiming to sway doubters with their vision and business prowess.
2A thrilling challenge unfolds as founders pitch a brand collaboration to a top investment fund’s head in a timed obstacle course.
3Amidst special acts, feasts, and competing voices, founders battle to establish their brand in an action-packed gala.
4Founders introspect strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in an emotionally charged challenge, crucial for investor decisions.
5Founders tap networks, chase tip-offs, and follow leads to reach their celebrity target, Rohit Shetty, in a high-stakes hustle.
6Founders face their toughest test yet—building a dream team aligned with their startup’s mission to impress exceptional CEO candidates.
7The stage is set for final investment negotiations, with founders and investors crafting their negotiation master plans amid palpable tension.

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Lessons from Seasoned Entrepreneurs:

Before you watch Mission Start Ab, it’s essential to glean insights from seasoned entrepreneurs. Above given lessons form the foundation for both participants and viewers, providing a masterclass in leadership.

Kunal, drawing inspiration from Mozart’s philosophy, underscores the significance of startup moments, emphasizing that true valuation creation unfolds in the silences between noteworthy events. Singh and Chowdhary contribute additional valuable insights, promising to enrich the upcoming reality series with their collective wisdom.

Series is out on amazon prime video. So go and watch it for an immersive journey through the trials and triumphs of these entrepreneurs on Mission Start Ab.

Mission Start Ab
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