8 Things To Keep In Mind Before Becoming Youtuber in 2024

YouTube has become an essential platform for content creators to showcase their skills, creativity and knowledge to a huge audience across the globe. In recent years, YouTube has become a favorite destination for those looking to make money through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. However, as the competition on YouTube continues to increase, Youtuber in 2024 will face many hurdles in their endeavor to earn money on the platform. This way only there is Indian as the asia’s biggest youtuber. We’ll explore some of the key challenges and provide insight into how creators can overcome these barriers to succeed in 2024.

Increased competition

The number of creators on YouTube has grown tremendously over the years, making it difficult for new Youtubers to gain a foothold on the platform. Increased competition means that creators need to consistently produce high-quality content in order to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, competition has led to a decrease in advertising revenue per view, making it more difficult for creators to make money from ads alone.

Youtube algorithm change

YouTube’s algorithm changes frequently, making it challenging for Youtubers in 2024 to keep up with the latest requirements. For example, the platform may change its algorithm to prioritize certain types of content or reward creators who upload videos more frequently. Youtuber needs to keep up with these changes to make their videos reach the target audience.


YouTube’s monetization policies have caused significant frustration among creators. The platform shuts down videos that it finds inappropriate, offensive or controversial, making it difficult for Youtubers in 2024 to make money from their content. In some cases, the monetization of the video may be a mistake, causing the creator a loss of revenue.

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Brand sponsorship

Brand sponsorship has become a popular way for creators to make money on YouTube. However, getting a brand deal can be challenging, especially for Youtubers in 2024. Brands typically look for creators with high followings and engagement rates, which makes it difficult to strike deals with smaller creators. Additionally, creators need to ensure that the brand aligns with their values and audience to avoid alienating their followers.

Consistency with Shorts

Youtube shorts are really useful to new creators or youtubers. Because shorts are easy to create and highly potential to get engagements and going viral. We are seeing very new youtubers getting lots of views and subscribers in short period of time because of youtube shorts.

Copyright issues have become a significant problem for creators on YouTube. The platform’s automated system may flag videos that contain copyrighted material, leading to monetization or removal of the video. Youtuber in 2024 need to be cautious while using copyrighted material in their videos and get proper permission to avoid copyright strike.

Limited monetization options

YouTube’s monetization options are limited, making it challenging for creators to make money from their content. Ad income is the primary way for creators to make money on the platform, but for some creators this may not be enough to sustain their channel. Youtuber in 2024 need to explore alternative monetization options like merchandise sales, crowdfunding and affiliate marketing.


Creating content on YouTube can be exhausting, which can lead to burnout among creators. Burnout can result from a variety of factors, such as the pressure to produce high-quality content, the need to maintain a consistent posting schedule, and the need to engage with an audience. To avoid burnout, the Youtuber in 2024 needs to take breaks, prioritize self care and delegate.

Platform saturation

The saturation of the YouTube platform means that Youtubers in 2024 need to put in extra effort to stand out. Creators need to find unique ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, such as creating shorts regularly, developing a distinct brand, collaborating with other creators, and exploring niche topics.

8 things to keep in mind before becoming youtuber in 2024
Becoming Youtuber in 2024


Making money on YouTube is becoming increasingly challenging due to the ever-evolving landscape of the platform. However, creators can thrive by producing high-quality content, adjusting to algorithmic changes, securing brand sponsorships, avoiding copyright issues, exploring alternative monetization options, prioritizing self-care, and differentiating themselves from the competition. These obstacles can be removed. With dedication, hard work and persistence, Youtubers can achieve success in 2024. It’s important to remember that success on YouTube is a journey, not a destination, and creators must continually adapt and improve their strategies to achieve their goals.


Why is it hard for new creators to get a foothold on YouTube?

The number of creators on YouTube has grown significantly over the past few years, which has increased competition, and made it difficult for new creators to stand out.

What are the challenges a YouTuber in 2024 faces?

Creators face challenges such as increased competition, YouTube algorithm changes, demonetization, limited monetization options, copyright issues, burnout, and platform saturation.

How can creators overcome the challenges of making money on YouTube?

Creators can overcome YouTube earning challenges through quality content, algorithmic awareness, brand deals, avoiding copyright issues, alternative monetization, self-care and differentiation.

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