FlexyPe, Bangalore Based Startup, Revolutionizing E-Commerce Checkouts!

Meet Shreyas, the Business Development Head at FlexyPe.in, where innovation meets e-commerce. The idea for FlexyPe emerged from bridging a gap in the checkout process for custom D2C brands. In this insightful interview, Shreyas shares the origins of FlexyPe, daily productivity, and the unique offerings setting them apart in the market.

Origin of Startup Idea:

During our experience working with over 350 D2C companies, we identified a significant gap in the checkout processes of custom D2C brands, particularly on platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. About 11 months ago, we decided to address this by creating FlexyPe, aiming to provide a robust yet affordable checkout solution.

FlexyPe, Bangalore Based Startup, Revolutionizing E-Commerce Checkouts
FlexyPe – Bangalore Based Startup

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

My day primarily involves engaging with our current clients to address their concerns and needs, and reaching out to potential new businesses to discuss the value FlexyPe can add. I maintain productivity by prioritizing tasks effectively and balancing work with physical and mental well-being, understanding that working longer hours doesn’t always mean more productivity.

How does your startup FlexyPe differ from your competitors?

FlexyPe stands out as one of the first to offer an AI-based checkout solution. Unique features like prepaid offers and partial COD set us apart. Additionally, our commitment to customer service is paramount. Unlike larger payment brands, we address customer concerns swiftly, often resolving issues within hours and quickly delivering custom-built features. In the fast-paced D2C world, our rapid response and personal touch give us an edge.

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What kind of new trends excites you?

I’m particularly excited about advancements in AI, machine learning, the future of e-commerce, and the potential of decentralized payments.

Most Interesting Part of Your Job?

Engaging with clients is incredibly rewarding. Their insights are often the key to solving many problems, as they have hands-on experience with their businesses. This client interaction is a crucial element that I also admire in many founders I work with.

Your Productive Habits:

Effective time management has always been my forte. Recognizing that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, I’ve honed the skill of managing my time efficiently and meeting deadlines consistently since childhood.

Strategy that has helped you grow FlexyPe?

Personal interactions have been instrumental. In our digital age, the human element of business is often overlooked. I’ve found that face-to-face or voice calls create more impactful connections than emails or ads, leading to better understanding and engagement with our product.

Challenges for New Founders?

For bootstrapped startups like ours, balancing time, full-time commitments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Having a clear focus and a well-structured schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly goals has been extremely helpful for me.

Any Advice or Business Ideas for Aspiring Founders?

With manufacturing and sustainability on the rise in India, I encourage looking at initiatives like “Make In India” and “Swachh Bharat” for inspiration. Startups that address challenges in these areas have immense growth potential. My key advice is to just start – the journey of entrepreneurship will unfold as you progress.

Tools You Use to Grow Your Startup on a Daily Basis?

We rely on tools like Amazon Web Services, WhatsApp, HubSpot CRM, Mailchimp, and Microsoft 365 for our daily operations.

Any Book Recommendation for Startup Founders?

I highly recommend “The Lean Startup.” It’s an insightful read that emphasizes the importance of learning, innovation, and agility in the startup world.

– Shreyas B. (Business Development Head at FlexyPe.in)

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FlexyPe, Bangalore Based Startup, Revolutionizing E-Commerce Checkouts
FlexyPe – Bangalore Based Startup

Shreyas emphasizes the power of time management, face-to-face client interactions, and a clear focus to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. His advice encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into India’s rising manufacturing and sustainability landscape. As FlexyPe pioneers AI-based checkout solutions, Shreyas sees the future in AI, machine learning, and decentralized payments, leaving readers inspired to embrace innovation and agility on their startup journey.


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