Hello friends, I am “Swati Jain” and i'm graduated in journalism from Mumbai University. I like to write essays and articles on Indian history, accomplishments and achievements. You will see all my articles are about curiosity around India.

Who is Jaya Kishori?!

Real name Jaya Sharma, young and spiritual Hindu storyteller who spreads motivational speeches around the world. He is very famous for ‘Katha Shrimad Bhagwat’ of 7 days. Jaya Kishori is a firm believer in Lord Krishna. Let us know more…

Richest Temples in India!

richest temples in india

ISKCON is considered in the Northeast in terms of management and revenue like Kamakhya, Tripura Sundari and Modern Business firms. Earlier Osho used to earn a lot. The income of the Haveli community is also high. In terms of personal…