How did the ancient kings satisfy their so many queens?

In the olden days, the kings used to keep many women in the Ranivas. Queens in Ranivas were married, won in war, and brought as gifts. The queens were kept under strict discipline in Ranivas. She could not go out of her own free will then how did the ancient kings satisfy their so many queens is shocking truth.

Gardens, fountains, servants were all available for the queens in Ranivas. No man could see the queens and neither could the queens see any man. Eunuchs were appointed to guard the Ranivas or the Mughal harem. All the pleasures were available to the queens except physical pleasure. It was read somewhere that a king had 365 queens, the number of a queen used to come after one year. Being dissatisfied, the queens used to make relations with eunuchs.

Most of the marriages were done due to political needs.

The satisfaction of all the queens is impossible by a single king.

At one time only one queen used to catch the eye of the king. It was because of her beauty or her youth or sometimes her intelligence. It was called Patrani in common language.

When a new queen came in the eyes of the king due to these reasons or any other reason, she would become a queen and the old queen would come in the ordinary queens.

The eldest queen was often politically powerful as well and was called Maharani. He was respected but it was not necessary to love him. If he had had a son, he would have been the crown prince, but if not, his honor as a queen would have also ended.

All the queens used to compete with each other. One to win the love of the king and the other to decide the future of his son.

Their mindset was made in such a way that they remain engrossed in all these things and rare gems and their attention should not be diverted towards “satisfaction”.

She would have been happy if the king sometimes used her for his satisfaction.

The queen flaunts that the king mostly gratifies himself with her even if she doesn’t get gratified herself (age difference, alcohol, lifestyle). She used to taunt the queen that the king was in her hands and also warned that she would make her son the crown prince from the king. He also found all this more important than his satisfaction. The rest of the queens didn’t even have all this and didn’t even have the illusion of satisfaction, even they weren’t even a means of satisfaction for the king.

When the king brought a new queen, her condition would have become like that of other queens.

For gratification, it was common for queens to have unnatural relations with each other, with female slaves or with eunuchs kept under their protection.

Sometimes, despite millions of guards, some dare devil queen used to have relations with some other man. These could often be courtiers, relatives, servants, husbands of maidservants or other influential citizens who had to visit the Raj Bhavan and with the help of maidservants, they could safely enter and evacuate.

History is full of such conspiracies but the male authoritarian society glorifies the masculinity of the king by telling the number of queens, telling the size of the harem and yet telling the king’s relationship with the courtesans.

It was good that after thousands of years someone cared about the satisfaction of the queens.


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