Why do wives cheat on their husbands?!

The number of husbands who are victims of wives seems to have increased. Well, if you want to listen now, then take it –

Not having marriage of mind-

Talk once or twice before marriage and ask clearly. Share your routine and needs. In nuclear families, both have to shoulder the responsibility. Most of the women depend on the maidservant, but the truth is that it is better to take care of the house by yourself. And there should be equal contribution of men and women.

Talk too much

This is a new trend. After the engagement, be on the phone morning and evening after taking WhatsApp. Keep giving every moment’s news from vegetable to vegetable. Have some responsibility and understanding and give wife a chance to learn something from your family or your mother.

Increasing number of feminist women

See, it is bitter but the truth is that women have more responsibility. Nowadays everyone needs a maid and is on the phone all day long. But the whole country does not live alone in big cities. Even today in medium and small towns, one has to follow the society. If the matter of mind did not happen, then they left for their maternal home. Hey, if you don’t want to adjust with the family, then why did you spoil the name of your husband and in-laws after getting married.

Husband’s pride

See, if the wife is doing a job, then you make bread and if she is not doing it, then speak two words of love. Serve food or eat and feed while sitting together. You don’t know these little things affect women so much. last thing

Love is the eternal truth between two people. you get what you give!

How to avoid getting cheated?

Hardly anyone can answer this question. Cheating cannot be avoided, yes it can definitely be cautious. Recently there was a news that the wife along with a Facebook friend kidnapped her own child and demanded a ransom of 30 lakhs from her husband. It is necessary to be alert from such incidents. No matter how many years have passed since your marriage, no matter how much your wife pretends to love you, but it is very important for you to be alert. Keep an eye on his activities. Be careful even if she is showing excessive love or getting angry on small things. There is no attention in household work, if there is no attention on children, then you need to be alert.

If possible, it is wise to leave the wife on her own, because the law will not support you, on the contrary, if some incident happens to you or some untoward incident happens to you, it is better to take care of yourself while looking at the future of your children. Yes, if you are single, do not have children, then it becomes necessary to punish the wife, and yes, if someone thinks that the wife will understand, then this will also prove to be just a misunderstanding. Remember your parents have brought you up with great difficulties, so don’t be wasted after a woman, even without a woman, a man can be happy and can be more successful in life. Great scientist and former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam and our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi can also be an inspiration. Life is precious, remember this, your wife may not need you, but other people in the family need you, so do not take any wrong step and live life happily. The one who cheats will have to suffer hell, that too in this birth, just be patient.

why do wife cheats her husband

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