Fighter Aircrafts for INS Vikrant!

INS Vikrant, also known as Indigenous Aircraft Carrier 1, is an aircraft carrier built by the Cochin Shipyard Limited for the Indian Navy. It is the first aircraft carrier to be built in India. It is named ‘Vikrant’ as a tribute to India’s first aircraft carrier Vikrant.

Class: Vikrant Class Career

Displacement: 40000 Tons

Length: 262m

Beam: 62m

Draft: 8.4 m²

INS Vikrant is a stobar carrier (short take off but arrested landing) in simple words it can take off with some limitations.

India can take all these fighter aircraft for him;

1. SU 33

Origin: Russia

User: Russian Navy

Speed: 2300 km/h (over Su 30 MKI)

Range: 3000 km/h (equivalent to Su 30 MKI)

Service Cell: 55800ft

Hard point: 12

Stobar Based Carrier Fighter

2. MIG 29K

Origin: Russia

Users: Russian Navy; Indian Navy

Speed: 2200 kmph

range 2900km

Service Ceiling :57400ft

Hard point: 8

Stobar Based Carrier Fighter


Origin: USA

User: US Navy; Royal Australian Air Force

Speed: 1915 kmph

Range: 2346 km

Service Ceiling: 50000FT

Tough Points: 11

catobar based

4. Rafale M

Speed: 1912 kmph

Range: 3000 kmph

Service Ceiling : 50000 feet

Hard point: 13

catobar based

Other fighter aircraft such as;

  • F 35 (not a good choice),
  • J 15 (Chinese),
  • Hal Tejas Naval (under development),
  • Gripen (single engine; poor career record)

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