MeitY Startup Hub and Best Startups of Startup Mahakumbh 2024: Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India

India has approximately 1.2 lakh DPIIT-registered startups and is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world from which few participated in Startup Mahakumbh 2024 as well. However, about 50% of startups close within their first four years. The main reason why these startups fail is not a bad product, but the failure to improve the product through continuous innovation and constant feedback, funding at the right time, There is limited knowledge about the shortcomings and reactions of users.

To increase the number of startups in the country and support first-time startups, the Government of India is aggressively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. An important role in this Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) which is facilitating various innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related activities across the country to further expand the startup ecosystem.

The ministry is taking forward its initiatives through MeitY Startup Hub. MSH launched TIDE 2.0 scheme in 2019 with an outlay of ₹264.62 crore over the next five years. Under this scheme, it provides financial and technical assistance to higher education institutions and leading R&D organizations that are dedicated to supporting ICT (Information and Communication Technology) startups that use emerging technologies.

On the other hand, it launched SAMRIDH (Startup Accelerator of MeitY for Product Innovation, Development and Growth) scheme to provide technical and financial support to early-stage startups and help them bring their products to market and grow their businesses. The scheme aims to support 300 startups in group sizes of 10-15 through existing and future accelerators.

The recently held Startup Mahakumbh, which was an event that brought together startups, investors, incubators, accelerators and industry leaders from multiple sectors under one roof, provided MeitY-backed startups an opportunity to showcase their products. Around 40 MeitY-supported startups and institutions showcased their innovative solutions at the three-day event.

Let us know in this article what is MeitY Startup Hub. What is MeitY Startup Hub? Innovative efforts of and some of the best innovative startups of India supported by it Some of the best innovative startups of India Who are playing an important role in taking the country forward.

What is MeitY Startup Hub (MSH)? What is MeitY Startup Hub (MSH)?

Mech Startup Hub (MSH) established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology sector. It supports startups, incubators and Centers of Excellence (CoEs) through various programs and initiatives. It aims to advance digital transformation and promote India’s leadership in emerging technologies.

How does MeitY Startup Hub help startups? How MeitY Startup Hub helps startups

  • Help in obtaining funding: MSH connects startups with investors so they can get the funding they need to scale their businesses.  
  • Provides technical support: MSH provides resources and guidance to help startups develop their products and services.  
  • Creates a network: MSH connects startups with other startups, gurus and industry experts.  
  • Organizes events: MSH organizes workshops, conferences and other events so that startups can learn and grow.  
  • Promotes Innovation: MSH encourages the creation of new ideas and technologies in the technology sector.  

Overall, MeitY Startup Hub aims to make it easier for tech startups to succeed in India.

Best Startups of India’s Startup Mahakumbh 2024

Let us know about such innovative startups of India which are playing an important role in taking the country forward:


This fashion tech company was founded by Sakshi Chopra in 2019. It specifically uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to advise on the fit and size of clothes. Aaaina claims that this will reduce the return rate of clothes and increase profits.

Aaizel International Technologies

Founded in 2023 by Krishna Kumar Singh and Anju Bala, the startup specializes in building advanced platforms in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), weather analytics, and cyber security. Their platforms cater to the needs of various industries like meteorology, defence, agriculture etc.

Abhaya Information:

Founded in 2007 by Tarun Nagaraj, this medical analytics startup aims to accurately analyze the health of patients and “Made in India” Aims to make the devices available worldwide. This startup creates IoT-based medical devices that support data-based decision making.

Adiabatic Technologies

Founded in 2021, the startup manufactures high-performance battery solutions for multiple industries. It is claimed that these batteries have 10 times less damage and also come with intelligent cooling system.


Founded in 2020, the startup facilitates charging of electric vehicles at public and private locations using a cloud-connected battery management system (BMS). It also helps Apple and Android users to easily find the nearest charging station through the mobile app.

Air Bharath TM Eresha Technology Innovators

Founded in 2022, the startup leverages Technology 4.0 to enhance employee training and raise safety standards in the aviation industry. The goal is to digitally simulate the training experience of aviators so that they can excel in their roles.

Alien Innovations

Founded in 2022, the startup creates wearable devices for visually impaired people. These devices can read to them, helping them independently cross obstacles and detect people and objects around them, making them self-reliant.


Founded in 2021, the startup is an instant commerce platform for agricultural equipment that delivers products across towns, villages and tier-II, III and IV cities in Western Uttar Pradesh. With a 24-hour delivery model, it meets the immediate demand of small businesses and reduces their dependence on inventory.

AIkenist Technologies

Founded in 2019, this healthtech startup designs products to improve the patient experience and optimize the use of medical devices. It integrates AI tools into radiology equipment to achieve faster scanning and highest image quality.

Backyard Creators

Founded in 2020, the startup aims to provide affordable and affordable healthcare solutions. Its flagship product ‘Impulse’ is an external hearing device designed to restore hearing to congenital hearing loss.

Bariflo Labs

Founded in 2018, the startup aims to develop sustainable technologies and processes for fish farming. It helps farmers, from traditional to institutional fisheries, by solving critical problems like water and disease. It is an Industry 4.0 standards startup and has developed water body management systems based on fluid dynamics, IoT, robotics and AI for aquaculture and urban water body management.

Blackfrog Tech

Founded in 2015, the startup has developed a patented rapid cooling technology called mVolio. This technology is helpful in safe last-mile transportation of vaccines, insulin, breast milk, blood serum, medicines and samples with minimal temperature changes. This product is environmentally friendly and complies with IEC 60601 medical device standards.

Center for Development of Advanced Computing C-DAC Mumbai

It is a premier research and development institute under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. It was originally established for the research and development of high-performance computers, but now C-DAC’s research has expanded to areas such as grid computing, cloud computing, embedded systems, etc.


Established in 2023, Colabkart is an initiative started by the students of IIT Roorkee. It aims to revolutionize the marketing industry by using AI for marketing campaigns.


Founded in 2021, this startup provides companies with ease of software management in one place. It includes features like Access Management, Travel and Expense Management, Attendance Management, Work from Home (WFH) Management and Visitor Management. All this is possible with a comprehensive SaaS-based multisource and multi business solution and IoT control device. The company creates cloud-based business solutions for specific industries.


Established in 2020, Enthusiastic offers academic and non-academic live interactive classes for all age groups. It aims to bridge the gap between learners and teachers through after-school programmes, school tie-ups, reskilling programs and corporate training.


Established in 2018, Fishmongers offers 24*7 doorstep delivery of seafood and other meat products in Bengaluru and Pune. The startup claims that its products are fresh, clean, chemical-free and natural.


Founded in 2020, FareBox is a virtual assistance platform for hostels and serviced apartments. It provides smart solutions in facilities and security management and helps customers upgrade their rental accommodation.

Fruitfal Technologies:

Founded in 2018, Fruitful is an agriculture-based artificial intelligence (AI) demand forecasting platform for fresh and processed products. With advanced cloud and mobile technologies, it aims to streamline fragmented agri-value chains to provide fresh produce supply.


Founded in 2022, GoPilz helps caregivers reach patients and handle disease management in an affordable manner. It uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for two-way human interaction with patients.

Hindman Technologies (HindXR):

Founded in 2022, the startup creates and develops simulation-based content specifically tailored for skill development for farmers around the world. It goes beyond traditional education and teaches practical skills for real-world applications.

Inertia Labs (Sristan Technologies):

Established in 2023, this Thane-based deeptech startup wants to redefine electric motors with its clean-tech electric motor technology.

Innovate Labs:

Established in 2022, Innovate Labs uses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to solve business challenges in industrial and educational sectors. For example, its Factory ViewAR solution allows users to integrate live IoT data into augmented reality and realize the entire digital twin factory concept.


Founded in 2022, IreneAI uses AI to improve a company’s sales enablement functions, such as marketing, operations, and customer support. With a SaaS-based offering for marketing, it improves marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and customer experience with text and voice capabilities.

Indigenous Energy Storage Technologies (Indi Energy):

Founded in 2019, this energy storage startup is involved in the development and commercialization of sodium-ion batteries and their components, such as hard carbon, sodium-ion cathode, sodium-ion electrolyte, etc. Its batteries are cost-effective and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

MeitY Startup Hub and Best Startups of Startup Mahakumbh 2024
MeitY Startup Hub and Best Startups of Startup Mahakumbh 2024
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