How to Know Women Are Interested In Men?!

It is very difficult to understand any person. Then if it is a matter of how to know women are interested in men which seems impossible. Poor men try a lot but can’t even understand their partner or wife. It is a distant thing to understand any other woman in such a situation. But, sometimes it becomes very important to understand an unknown woman or girl.

Now if someone falls in love, then he has to be understood. All they want to know is whether their crush is interested in them or not? Just because of this confusion, often they are not able to even say what is in their heart. Now we cannot enter the mind of the person in front of us. Yes, but you can definitely understand from the gestures of the person in front whether he likes you or not?

So let us tell you how a woman’s body language can tell about her likes and dislikes.

Her smile

If a woman is interested in you, her smile will be genuine. But how to detect real and fake smile? To find out, you have to pay attention to the muscles around their eyes and mouth. Movement in these muscles means that your work is being done.

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Her Posture

If you are sitting or standing together, first of all watch your posture carefully. Then turn to him. Find out if she is also sitting or standing in the same posture as you? If so, then she is showing interest in you.

Position of the feet

Some experts consider the feet to be the most honest body part. When a person is not interested in the other person then his feet are in the opposite direction. If your crush is talking to someone else but his feet are towards you, then he is interested in you.

Her Eyes

Eyes are really the tongue of the heart. When you like someone, you look into their eyes and talk. If your crush also looks directly into your eyes, then there is something in his heart too.

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If you look at your crush’s face, just pay attention to his eyelids. If you like them, their eyelashes will flutter more than usual.

Pupils of the eyes

When we feel emotional, there is a release of dopamine hormone in our body. Due to this the pupils of the eyes become wide. If your crush is feeling connected to you, their pupils will appear dilated as well.

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Science also believes that when a person sees an object or person of his choice, the face turns red due to adrenaline. The face is also red due to fear or worry, but it will also happen when they are ashamed to see you.

Touching Yourself

When a woman is interested in the man in front of her, she plays with his hair, caresses his locks or touches his cheeks. Apart from this, she also starts rubbing her hands on the neck, shoulders or thighs.

Puffiness of nostrils

Just as adrenaline increases blood flow to the face, blood flow to the nose also increases. Because of this, when someone takes interest in the person in front of him, the nostrils of his nose also dilate.

Her giggle

It is okay for him to smile. But if she wants to give you a hint about her interest, she’ll giggle too. She will show every moment that she is having fun.

Lip Play

If she is biting her lips or putting her tongue on them while she is into you, then it is a sign that she is attracted to you.


It is very common for the heartbeat to increase on seeing your crush. If they are interested in you, their breathing will be faster than normal.

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Her touch

Any girl will touch you only when she is comfortable with you. She can also show her interest in you by touching you.

If she is playing with the items around her like wine glass or other objects then it also shows her interest. His playing with the sleeves of his clothes or folding them also indicates his interest.

If you are also getting some such signals from your crush, then you should try to take your point forward.


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