7 Over-Hyped Things In Indian Society We Must Know!

In Indian society, certain things tend to be over-hyped, generating exaggerated attention and expectations. While this observation may not apply universally, it highlights instances where hype can overshadow reality. Let’s explore some examples of over-hyped phenomena in Indian society.

Bollywood News:

Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, holds great significance in Indian culture. However, certain movies or celebrities can be excessively hyped, leading to inflated expectations and subsequent disappointment among audiences.

Celebrities’ Kids:

This is very very stupid thing because none of them (except 1 or 2) have achieved something firmly that should be celebrated by media people. But media is always behind those kids to get glimpse of them and that is happening because people are craving for such updates and news. High demand of stupidest cravings create high supply of stupidest things.


Cricket enjoys immense popularity in India and often receives a larger-than-life status. While matches, especially those involving the Indian cricket team, are celebrated enthusiastically, the excessive attention given to cricket can overshadow other sports in the country.

Reality TV shows:

Reality TV shows, known for talent competitions or game shows, generate significant buzz in Indian society. While some shows successfully showcase talent, others may exploit sensationalism or scripted drama, leading to exaggerated attention.

Festivals and religious ceremonies:

India’s diverse cultural and religious festivals hold immense significance in society. However, the commercialization or dilution of these events due to over-hype can detract from their true essence and cultural value.

Celebrity weddings:

Prominent celebrity weddings receive extensive media coverage and public attention. The elaborate ceremonies, designer outfits, and grandeur associated with these weddings can create unrealistic expectations or promote excessive materialism.

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Political campaigns and promises:

During elections, political campaigns often generate substantial hype. Politicians make promises, attracting massive crowds at their rallies. However, the hype surrounding these campaigns may not always align with the delivery of promises or the effectiveness of governance.

7 Over-Hyped Things In Indian Society We Must Know


It is important to recognize that over-hype can occur in any society and is not exclusive to India. The media, cultural factors, and public fascination with certain aspects contribute to the amplification of these phenomena. Even I had to use celebrity’s kid photo to grab readers’ attention. 😉 By acknowledging and critically examining the over-hyped elements in society, we can strive for a more balanced perspective and appreciate the true essence of these aspects in their respective contexts.


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