Why do Women Become Fat After Marriage? [Top Secrets]

Today, let’s know why do women become fat after marriage which everyone is curious about. After five years of marriage, 82 percent of couples gain weight and this weight gain is more visible in women. There are reasons for this.

Hormonal changes:

With the beginning of married life, there are many emotional and hormonal changes in the girl. Being active in sexual life is also responsible for weight gain. Apart from this, you also start using contraceptive pills to keep yourself safe, which also causes obesity of your body.


Before marriage, girls used to pay more attention to their looks and weight and also used to exercise regularly. But after marriage they get busy in their life and it is difficult for them to take care of themselves.

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Lack of sleep:

The sleeping pattern of girls changes after marriage. Sometimes they are not able to get enough sleep and this is the biggest reason for weight gain in girls.

Change priority:

Girls’ priorities change after marriage. Girls make routine according to their husband and other family members. And for this reason, they do not get time for themselves and due to this the weight starts increasing.

Outside Food:

Newly married couples mostly go out for dinner and consume high calories. Due to this, the area of the stomach of women increases.


Nowadays people get married between 28-30 years. According to the study, after 30 the metabolic rate of the body decreases due to which the body weight increases.


Leaving your home and adjusting in some other place after marriage is the most difficult task. There is some stress in adjusting in a new house, which indirectly affects the weight.

Social pressure:

Before marriage, our close ones keep telling us to look beautiful. But after marriage this pressure remains negligible. That’s why women become irresponsible about their fitness.


This is an important reason for weight gain in women. Most of the couples do family planning after 1 or 2 years of marriage. Most women do not try to lose weight after giving birth.

To watch television:

It remains with many women that after marriage, most of their time is spent in gossiping with new members and this leads to weight gain.

Why do Women Become Fat After Marriage

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