With whom were the female slaves given along with the princesses married?

Be it any king or emperor of India or the world, he used to have a large number of male and female slaves. The day-to-day routine work of the state was carried out by these slaves, whenever a king attacked another state and defeated it, he got possession of all the property of that state, the king winning the valuable things of the palace. Like the Kohinoor diamond was received by Allauddin Khilji from Golconda, now it is beautiful in the London Museum.

female slaves with the princesses

The male members of the royal family who were defeated in the war were spared or imprisoned by the Hindu king and kept the queen in their harem palace, while the Muslim sultan used to kill the defeated male members of the royal family in such a painful way in front of the public that The beholder’s soul should tremble, Balban and Alauddin Khilji had built 20-30 feet high walls by cutting off their heads after defeating the Jats in the war.

Then, from the maidservants of the royal family to the queen, were called in the royal court by the decree of the Sultan, the queen and the princesses were engaged in the service of the Sultan, and the rest were divided into horsemen, infantry.

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The slave system existed in Rajasthan for a very long time and was a very systematic practice. Let me tell you how their marriage used to happen, the maidservants who used to accompany a princess in marriage were married to the sons of the maidservant who had come with the previous generation (mother-in-law). And where the princess of our house was married, the first generation maid’s daughter was sent, the daughter’s in-laws used to get their maid’s daughter done for the marriage of that maid.

In other words, when the prince was married, the maidservant accompanying the princess was married to the son of the maidservant accompanying the prince’s mother. And the responsibility of the marriage of the maids accompanying the princess was of her in-laws’ side.

In this system, apart from the maintenance of the male and female slaves, it was the responsibility of the royal families to get their sons and daughters married along with their own sons and daughters.

This still happens in some places of Rajasthan, but now the Rajput society does not have enough resources to take up the responsibilities of raising and marrying a slave family, so now this practice has stopped.

By the way, the original slave families cannot be compared to English slavery, because it used to be the full responsibility of the royal families to bear the entire family’s maintenance, living arrangements, marriage arrangements and other expenses well, but over time somewhere there was a defect in it and Exploits were added which are shown everywhere.

During the reign of Akbar, the number of queens in Haram was 5000, there were 1500 women in Haram Mahal of his commander Mansingh and 10000 female slaves were engaged in his service. Jodha Bai was the chief queen of Akbar from whom Jahangir was born.


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