Who was on Indian currency note before Gandhiji?!

The portrait of Gandhiji on Indian currency notes was introduced in 1996. Prior to this, there was no person’s picture on the notes other than King George VI of Britain. The Reserve Bank of India was established in 1935. The Reserve Bank was empowered to print currency notes up to Rs 10,000. In 1938, the Reserve Bank first printed the rupee.

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The first five rupee note was printed by the Reserve Bank. It had a picture of King George VI of Britain on it.

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The Reserve Bank also printed Rs 10,000 notes but it was discontinued after independence. Also in 1954, 10000, 5000 and 1000 notes were printed. Which was repealed in 1978.

RBI printed 10000 rupee note. Which was closed after India got independence.
1 rupee currency note before independence
First Re 1 note of independent India. On which the four lions of Sarnath got their faces instead of George VI.
In the year 1969, on the 100th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, the Reserve Bank printed Gandhiji’s picture on 5 and 10 rupee notes.
In 1959, the Reserve Bank of India issued special currency notes of Rs 10 and Rs 100 for pilgrims.
10 rupee note with a picture of a sailing ship on it.

There were many such pictures on the back of many other notes. In which on one side there was the Ashoka pillar of Sarnath and on the other side there was a lion figure of different types of paintings. But from 1996, Gandhiji’s picture started appearing on all currency notes.

Gandhi’s photo on the current currency notes was taken in 1946 by an unknown photographer.

In the picture above, Gandhiji stands with Lord Pathan Lawrence at the Viceroy’s House in 1946. Gandhiji’s picture has been cropped from this picture and is being used by the Reserve Bank on currency notes since 1996.

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