What will happen if we stop brushing teeth?!

Show some solid evidence that all animals get up to brush, or that primitive humans used to brush. This question is really thought provoking. Now in this age we have convenience so we brush.

Show anyone who has seen Oral B’s Zigzag brush a picture of a primitive man lighting a fire with two stones… if you use a time machine. Have you ever seen a shark or a crocodile, which crushes even the strongest of a hundred bones, brush Colgate with salt?

Keeping the teeth clean is a good thing, now if you have a brush, you should do it. But this question is logical and I don’t think it right to make fun of it instead of answering it. The saltwater crocodile with this picture has a bite force of 3700 psi. And I don’t know whether it is using Colgate or Pepsodent.

List of consequences you may face if you don’t brush your teeth;

PlaqueAccumulation leads to cavities and gum disease
Bad BreathBacteria thrive, causing persistent odor
Gum DiseaseGingivitis and periodontitis can develop
Tooth DecayAcid produced erodes enamel, causing decay
TartarHardened plaque buildup requires dental help
StainsTeeth discoloration from food and drinks
Tooth LossAdvanced decay and gum disease lead to loss
Health RisksLinked to heart issues and respiratory problems
AestheticsSmile appearance deteriorates without care
Expensive TreatmentsDental interventions become necessary

Remember, maintaining good oral hygiene through regular brushing and dental care is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

If anyone has any useful information on this topic that would benefit everyone, please share…thanks.


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