How to wake-up early in morning?

The answer in the very first line is “one who sleeps early at night”, one who sleeps early at night gets up early in the morning. And I think getting up early is not difficult at all, sleeping early at night is very difficult, and the biggest obstacle is mobile and TV.

how to wake-up early

One who goes to bed early at night, the brave one gets up early,

Strength, intelligence and wealth increase, the body remains in happiness.

And if you want to make a habit of getting up early permanently, then you have to follow one rule, there should be a fixed time to sleep at night, but that time should be around 10 to 11:30, not 1 or 2, because 2 to 3 hours of rest is required. The effect can be seen at work the next day.

Set AlarmSet an alarm at a consistent time to train your body’s internal clock.
Gradual AdjustGradually adjust bedtime and wake-up time by 15 minutes each day.
Morning RoutinePlan a morning routine that motivates you to get out of bed early.
Limit ScreensAvoid screens an hour before bedtime to improve sleep quality.
Natural LightOpen curtains to let natural light in, helping regulate your sleep-wake cycle.
Consistent SleepMaintain a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends.
HydrationDrink water before bed to encourage waking up for bathroom trips.
Avoid SnoozingResist hitting the snooze button; it can disrupt your sleep cycle.
Reward YourselfPlan something enjoyable in the morning as a motivation to wake up early.
Stay ActiveEngage in physical activity during the day to improve sleep quality.

Also you can try to set alarm in your phone or tell any family member who is early to wake me up at this time.

The first month may seem difficult, but then the habit will subside.


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