LIVE: PM Narendra Modi’s 26km roadshow in Bengaluru and His Speech!

PM Narendra Modi has kicked off his road show campaign in Bengaluru today, starting from the Someshwara Sabha Bhavan premises and traveling 10 km through the main roads to end at the Malleswaram temple premises. However, the road show has sparked controversy due to the BJP’s use of extreme Hindutva propaganda and the Congress’ allegations of religious exploitation to gain votes.

PM Narendra Modi’s 26km roadshow in Bengaluru

BJP’s Campaign Strategy:

The BJP is hoping to gain an upper hand in the last phase of the campaign through Modi’s road show. The party has weaponized the Bajrang Dal ban announcement, accusing the Congress of trying to suppress Hanuman faith. Modi has even stated that he would not allow Hanuman’s name to be uttered if the Congress came to power, starting his speeches with a shout-out to Bajrang Dal.

Congress’ Allegations:

In response, the Congress has filed a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging that Modi is trying to get votes by exploiting religion. The party is worried that the Bajrang Dal ban announcement will backfire and has stated that banning terrorist organizations is essential to make religious harmony a reality.

Road Show Details:

Modi’s road show today covers a distance of 10 km, with a longer 26 km road show scheduled for Sunday. The road show has been a subject of controversy due to the use of religious sentiments for political gain.

Resort to Complaints and Allegations:

Both parties are resorting to complaints and allegations to counter each other’s campaign strategy. While the BJP is trying to appeal to extreme Hindu sentiments, the Congress is focusing on religious harmony and the need for banning terrorist organizations.


In the midst of the road show campaign, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi are also campaigning in various places in Karnataka today. The political landscape in the state remains tense as both parties aim to secure a victory in the upcoming elections.


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