How Police Gets Confession of Crime Through Narco Test?

We have heard about narco test many times. We also read that police have done narco test of any criminal or celebrity but we always neglect to know what exactly it is. Today we will tell you what exactly is narco test, how police do it and everything about narco test.

What is narco test?

When the police feel that the criminal is not telling the whole truth then narco test is done. Remember this thing that 100% truth cannot be extracted even from narco test as many criminals control their mind during the test. Narco test statement is not much valid in the court. Narco test is a type of investigation which is done in the presence of team of doctors and police. In narco test, some injections are given to the criminal in which he reaches such a state in which he is neither fully conscious nor unconscious. In this situation the mind is unable to play tricks and speaks the truth.

How is narco test done?

For narco test, the criminal is injected with a drug called sodium pentothal. This drug is also called Truth Serum. After applying this, the criminal loses control over his mind and he cannot tell anything by twisting or manipulating it. He is able to tell only what happened because to tell a lie, the mind has to be stressed, this injection removes control from the mind. After being injected, the criminal remains half unconscious and half conscious. In this situation, under the supervision of a panel of doctors, police team and experts, questions are asked to the criminal and the entire incident is recorded.

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What is the preparation done before narco test?

A lot of preparations have to be done before the narco test. The consent of the criminal is necessary before the narco test, apart from this a court order has to be taken. The criminal’s health checkup is done and it is checked whether the criminal is physically fit for the narco test or not. In narco test there is a team of doctors who decide the dose of the drug keeping in view the health of the criminal as if the dose is high then the criminal may go into coma and if the dose is less then he may lie. The questions asked in the narco test are prepared in advance and then these questions are asked in a roundabout way. After injecting the criminal, questions are asked by showing pictures of mountains, rivers, flower leaves, etc. and when it is believed that the criminal has lost control of his mind, then questions related to the crime are started. In this the reaction of the body of the criminal is also noted.

Is narco test considered as evidence?

Police cannot punish any criminal through narco test. Narco test is not considered as evidence. Police finds out the truth through narco test and then through that truth collects evidence from the spot and presents it in the court against the accused. Narco test itself is not an evidence but narco test is a means of collecting evidence. With the help of narco test, the police have to collect all the evidence on their own. Narco test is also not considered as evidence because those who are very vicious criminals escape even from narco test. No common man can get narco test done, for this permission of court and police is necessary.

What is the difference between polygraphy test and narco test?

In polygraphy test, lies are detected by the reaction of our body. Like in polygraphy test, the body of the criminal is attached to the machines and the physical movement of the criminal is noted while answering. For example, while lying, a normal person’s heart rate increases, breathing rate becomes abnormal, sweating, blood pressure changes and other physical changes occur. The machine tells the result by noting all these changes. Vicious criminals get away with it very easily. In narco test, the criminal is asked questions by injecting. In this the criminal is not in a position to lie and in most of the cases the truth comes out.


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