Some Interesting Facts About Girls That Most Boys Don’t Know!

Girls have always been a subject of curiosity for boys, behind which natural reasons are responsible. Actually there is no difference between a boy and a girl, they are the same. All the differences that appear are acquired characteristics in the course of human evolution, behind which are the reasons for different social roles and responsibilities. Environment and upbringing also play a very important role in this.

I am trying to write here on the differences arising due to some scientific and social factors. (below are interesting facts about girls)

interesting facts about girls


Girls are more sensitive to shapes, colors, tastes, sounds and smells than boys. This helps them to take on the role of motherhood.

Taking less risk:

The part of the brain that weighs up alternatives when making a decision is larger in girls than in boys. That’s why girls like to take risks less.

More capable of caring:

In this sequence, they can make their partner fat by feeding them. In his favor is the necessary work done with the intention of being a strong “warrior”. But somewhere in his subconscious mind, it could also be because he wants to reduce the competition from other women. A less attractive male will be less attractive to other females, reducing the options for competition.


On average, a girl’s brain is 9% smaller than her boy counterpart. But this has no effect on cognitive abilities because the number of cells is the same and they are just densely packed.

Better Multitasker

The left and right sides of girls’ brains are better connected due to being denser. Because of the above differences, women are better multitaskers than men. Women are better at reading faces, gestures and tone of voice.

The unsung hero of inventions:

From inventions of innumerable home jugaads like rolling pin, the world’s first computer programmer was a woman. Just her inventions could not get attention in the male society.

Pupil of the eye:

Girls have larger pupils and blink 19 times a minute, while men blink only 11 times. They have more intense sensitive dreams (both good and bad).

Lie less:

Girls speak nearly three times as many words per day as boys (boys average 7,000 words while girls average 20,000 words). But surprisingly, they lied less than boys, meaning boys lie twice as often as girls. This is why girls are probably not good rulers.

Bear the pain

A woman can bear twice as much pain as a man. But boys are 4 times more likely to cry than boys.


Girls usually unconsciously compete with each other, especially when it comes to beauty. (The reason is explained in the third point.)

Higher Life Expectancy:

Girls have longer life expectancy than men. The difference in life expectancy between men and women in any country can be as much as a decade, but on average around the world it is at least 2-3 years.

Plus they love surprises; Lies are strongly disliked because they catch (the answer for why is written above); likes to be praised (who doesn’t); etc etc etc


Hello friends, I am “Swati Jain” and i'm graduated in journalism from Mumbai University. I like to write essays and articles on Indian history, accomplishments and achievements. You will see all my articles are about curiosity around India.

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