Why don’t Indians speak Sanskrit? International Mother Language Day

We tell you on International Mother Language Day that why Indians do not speak Sanskrit? There are many reasons for this, but we will tell you each reason in detail!

Sanskrit is an ancient language. Everyone speaks either an entirely Sanskrit derived language or a Sanskrit mixed language. Sanskrit and Tamil are the two ancient languages of the Indian subcontinent that gave rise to all other languages where Tamil is limited to South India only. You see most of the major European languages are derived from Latin but they don’t speak Latin.

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Promotion of Hindi

After independence, the government promoted Hindi and not Sanskrit. Even today the government promotes Sanskritam only for this. They actually love Hindi more than Sanskrit. Because they also feel that Sanskriti is difficult and not practical.

language learning method

The best way to learn a language is in a natural way. speaking with others We don’t have many natives to speak of except in a few villages. Mattur and Hoshali are two of them.

Anti-Sanskrit sentiments

Anti-Sanskrit sentiments arose among Tamils after the teachings of Periyar. So today everyone except Brahmins and linguists is discouraged by Tamil nationalists and Dravidian fundamentalists.

study prohibited

Contrary to the fourth point, the study of Sanskrit through Brahmins was prohibited during the king’s time, so it remained as the language only for Brahmins and some kings.

English / Urdu replaced

Sanskrit was once the lingua franca in the Indian subcontinent (including the South), but later English/Urdu took that place. Therefore only those performing temple rituals were required to learn Sanskrit. Even just the mantras that are needed for the ritual. Not as a language for writing poetry and debate.

the language of sophistication

Sanskrit is indeed a language of sophistication because of its literal meaning. Although it was used among the elite, it was not suitable for casual communication. Some also believe that the classical Sanskaram was purposefully created for spiritual gain and strictly intellect communication through highly poetic verses.

Where is Sanskrit spoken in India?

There are five villages in India that speak Sanskrit regardless of caste or religion:

  • Mattur (Karnataka)
  • Hosahalli (Karnataka)
  • Jhiri (MP)
  • Mohd (MP)
  • Baghuwar (MP)

Apart from these, not only in India but also in foreign countries, there is a lot of Sanskrit-glots. (yes, you heard me right) I have a friend from Portugal who talks to me in excellent Sanskrit through online.

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