Why Do Rubber Tires Have Tiny Hairs?

Small hairs are visible in the rubber tires, it is called Vent Spews! Vent spews don’t work. Once you buy a tire and use it, it is of no use. You can either remove the vent spigot from the tire or leave it on. This will neither reduce or increase tire noise nor will it affect the mileage of the car.

jaano rubber ke tires mein chhote-chhote baal kyon hote hain

You may have noticed little hairs of rubber on the top of many tires. If you have ever wondered after seeing them, what is their work or someone has told you that they are good for the mileage of the car and help in reducing the noise of the tyre, then definitely read this article. . In this you will know why there are small hairs of rubber on the tires and whether they have any work or not. What most people call rubber hairs are actually vent spews. These are also called sprue nubs, tire nibs, gate marks or nippers.

Hindi TranslationEnglish Word
वेंट स्प्यूजVent Spews/Spurs
स्प्रू नब्सSprue Nubs
टायर निबTire Nibs
गेट मार्क्सGate Marks/Gatekeepers

So why are there vent spews on tyres?

Now you must be thinking that when there is no work of vent spuge then why are they given on the tyre. Actually they are not given but they are made by themselves during the tire manufacturing process. Actually, liquid rubber is injected into a molding machine to make a tyre. Vents are provided to completely expel the air from it.

This is done because if air remains inside, it will get between the rubber and the mold and spoil the quality of the tyre. Now the air comes out through the small vents that are made in the tire mold. Along with the air, some rubber also enters the vents. This is what later looks like rubber hairs.


Why do tires have short rubber plies?

Rubber treads are essential in tires for improved grip and longer tire life. Shorter treads give the tires more ability to flex, which makes the tires safer on the road.

Why are tires made of rubber?

Rubber is used for tires because it provides the tires with improved grip, high temperature characteristics, and improved tire life. Rubber is made in such a way that it is mixed with components, and then the concentrate is obtained under high temperature and pressure.

Why are tires made of rubber and not iron?

The main reason for making tire rubber is that it provides improved grip, high temperature characteristics and better tire life. It is difficult to obtain these characteristics by making tires out of iron. In addition, rubber provides greater flake shielding ability and protection than steel which makes the tires safer on the road. Hence, tires are made of rubber and not iron.

Why do we prefer rubber tires over steel tyres?

Rubber tires provide improved grip, longer tire life, and safer driving as compared to steel tyres. Rubber tires provide greater ability to flex which provides highest contact with the road. This increases the handling convenience of the vehicle. In addition, rubber tires offer better sound absorption which reduces vehicle noise. Hence, we prefer rubber tires as compared to steel tyres.


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