Why apple is called fake fruit?

According to botany, apple is fake fruit.

Because fertilization must take place before any kind of fruit can come. The main process in it is the embryo. Embryo means to come into full form before bearing fruit. It slowly develops into fruit after flowering before any fruit sets. Like mango, gram, banana, guava etc. blossom before the fruits come on the chest. what we call degradation. In Kathiawadi language it is also said that peacock (fal) came.

The flower mainly consists of two parts. Ovaries and seed. After some time the fruit develops in the ovary and the ovary becomes a seed. The fruit that develops from the ovary is called a true fruit. When this process does not occur in the apple, the apple is called a false fruit.

Instead of a flower on the stalk of an apple, there is a small stalk on the stalk, which is the process of ripening, that is, swelling occurs on that stalk. For example, a wound anywhere in our body causes swelling and inflammation. And this happens in the form of fruit. The same happens in apples. That’s why it is called false fruit or subsidiary fruit.

Apples aren’t the only fake fruit. Apart from this, there are many other false fruits. Strawberries, pears and cashews are also false fruits according to botany.


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