Interesting Facts about Israel Country!

The whole country of Israel is interesting. At one time it was said that Israel was surrounded by enemies on three sides and on one side by the Mediterranean Sea. I would be happy to describe my unique and extraordinary experiences in Israel.

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world by area. It is 470 km from north to south and only 135 km from east to west, covering about one-tenth of Gujarat’s area.

  • The language of Israel is Hebrew, which is considered one of the oldest languages of mankind. It is written from right to left like Arabic.

Israel has a population of about 9 million, including 7 million Jews and 2 million Israeli Arabs, who live in communal harmony. Israel is a secular country with a large number of mosques and churches. The perception of most people is that the nation of Israel is against Islam, which is not true. I have been there so this is my personal opinion.

  • Military is compulsory for two years, whether male or female, except for those strictly following the religion.
  • Every Friday evening until Saturday evening is the Sabbath, that is, a holy day in Judea. Each hotel has a separate elevator for Shabbat, which is reserved for the Guru. If Jews don’t light the stove on the Sabbath, you won’t find freshly cooked food at the hotel, only food cooked in the oven the next day. Just like we do once a year. That’s why Israeli baked food recipes are among the best in the world. Strict Jews do not even use electricity during Shabbat.
  • Kosher food: This is strictly observed in Israel. They do not take meat (except fish) and dairy products together in food. Israeli breakfast is very popular in the world, which is full of dairy products. That’s why hotel breakfasts never have meat dishes.

Drip Irrigation: The latest technology for agriculture sector is a unique gift from Israel to the world. Most of the land of Israel is covered by the Judean Desert where there is a lack of rainfall. The region is heavily cultivated, which is made possible by drip irrigation and the greenhouse effect. Despite the scarcity of water in Israel, some of the world’s best strawberries are grown, which require maximum water for cultivation.

Western Wall – Jerusalem is a very religious place. Jews worship here, I also had the experience of worshiping here with them. It is mandatory to wear a cap on the head before going here. Muslims also consider it a place of religious importance. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed through here and went to heaven.

Western Wall

Via Dolorosa Street – Via Dolorosa is a processional route in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, through which Jesus Christ was carried on his crucifixion.

Via Dolorosa Street

Dead Sea – This is the lowest point in the world, which is 1300 feet below sea level. This sea has 10 times more salt than normal seawater, so no marine life is possible here. The density of water here is higher than the density of the human body, so even if you don’t like to swim, you won’t drown, it’s amazing!

Masada – an important chapter in the history of the liberation of the Jews. It is a symbol of the determination and bravery of the Jews and even today Israeli soldiers take an oath of allegiance to the country.


– Rahuldev Rajguru


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