India’s Wildlife Condition on World Wildlife Day!

There are many ways to get involved in conservation efforts. You can start by learning more about the problem and sharing that information with others. On World Wildlife Day, you can also support organizations that are working to protect wildlife and their habitats. And of course, you can always donate money or time to support these efforts.

India Wildlife condition on World Wildlife Day

No matter how you choose to celebrate World Wildlife Day, remember that every effort counts when it comes to protecting the wildlife of our planet!

World Wildlife Day 2023 Theme

It is a great opportunity to celebrate the wild species World Wildlife Day 2023, the theme is “Partnership for Wildlife Conservation”. This theme emphasizes the importance of working together to protect wildlife and their habitats. Whether it is through governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses or individuals, we all have a role to play in conserving the wildlife of our planet.

Wildlife Status In India

The wildlife in India is amazing. While there is much debate about how it is doing this, the truth is that there are many species that are threatened by human activity, and others that are thriving.

There are many species of mammals that are native to India, including elephants, tigers, leopards, lions, and bears. Apart from these large animals, there are also many smaller animals like monkeys, deer and rodents. There are over 25 different species of primates in the country alone!

The most famous mammal of India is probably the tiger. It is estimated that there are 1,300–2,000 tigers living on Indian soil today (although this number is difficult to determine). However, it is clear that this number has been steadily declining since the 1970s when poaching became rampant throughout Asia. Today there are less than 1% of tigers left in the wild globally (about 3200), most of which live in India or Russia. Here they face threats from habitat destruction as well as poachers who hunt them for meat or body parts used in traditional Chinese medicine practices, which can sell for around $30 a pound on the black market. Is!

Every state of India has wildlife. More or less all states have protected areas within their territory which include wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Wildlife States In India

However, some states are more popular for wildlife tourism, including:

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Rajasthan Rajasthan
  4. Kerala
  5. Uttarakhand
  6. Maharashtra

However, you can be rest assured that whichever state you visit, there will be a wildlife area you can visit, from tigers to birds to frogs, India is a veritable biodiversity haven.


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