How to Book Sainik Rest House Online!

The welfare of ex-servicemen, their widows, and dependents is of utmost importance that’s why it’s important to know how to book sainik rest house online during their travel. During their visits to Zila Sainik Boards, Rajya Sainik Boards, or other important towns and cities for various purposes, they require affordable and comfortable accommodation. To cater to this need, Sainik Rest Houses (SRHs) have been constructed throughout the country. I’ll share about the support provided by the government in the construction of these rest houses and the booking procedures for accommodation.

Support to States/UTs towards construction of Sainik Rest Houses:

The government, in collaboration with State Governments and Union Territories, has undertaken the construction of Sainik Rest Houses. The state governments provide the land free of cost, and the maintenance of these rest houses is their responsibility. The Government of India shares 50% of the construction cost as per the laid down Standard Operating Procedure. Additionally, a Central Sainik Rest House has been built in Naraina, New Delhi, maintained by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) through the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), to provide affordable accommodation to ex-servicemen visiting the national capital.

Booking Procedure of Accommodation:

Reservation TimeframeMaximum of 15 days in advance for general reservations
Serving officers, JCOs, and ORs can book one day prior to their arrival
Reservation ContactCall 011-25777049 between 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM on working days
Cancellation PolicyCancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance
Walk-in GuestsAccommodated based on availability and with OIC’s approval
Accommodation AllotmentFirst-come, first-served basis
Prioritization1. ESM and their dependents
2. Ex-servicemen attending re-settlement courses
3. Serving personnel and their families/civil personnel (if vacancy exists)

Please note that the information provided is specific to the Central Sainik Rest House (CSRH) in Naraina, New Delhi. Procedures and policies may vary for other Sainik Rest Houses located in different regions.

Sainik Rest House Charges:

Sainik Rest House Charges

Present Status:

Currently, there are 338 Sainik Rest Houses (SRHs) located across the country in various state capitals, district headquarters, and Union Territories. These rest houses provide a comfortable and affordable stay for ex-servicemen and their families during their visits. For a detailed list of Sainik Rest Houses available throughout the country, please refer to the provided link;


Sainik Rest Houses play a crucial role in providing suitable accommodation to ex-servicemen and their dependents during their travels. The government’s support and collaboration with state governments and union territories have facilitated the construction of these rest houses. The Central Sainik Rest House in Naraina, New Delhi, serves as a convenient option for ex-servicemen visiting the national capital. These rest houses ensure that ex-servicemen can access comfortable lodging while they engage in various activities related to resettlement, medical treatments, or other important matters.


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