RBI Governor Assures Smooth Transition for ₹2000 Note Withdrawal

In a recent statement, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das addressed concerns regarding the withdrawal of ₹2000 notes from circulation. He emphasized that there is no need to rush to banks for exchanges, as the September 30 deadline allows ample time for the process. The decision aligns with the clean note policy and aims to streamline currency management operations. Das assured that the RBI will remain sensitive to any issues that may arise during this transition.

₹2000 Note Ban in India: Consideration for Those Abroad

Das acknowledged that individuals who are abroad may face difficulties exchanging or depositing their ₹2000 notes within the given deadline. He assured that the RBI will address this matter and explore possible solutions to accommodate their circumstances.

Impact of ₹2000 Note Ban on the Economy

According to Das, the withdrawal of ₹2000 notes will not have a significant impact on economic activity. Informal surveys and personal experiences have shown that these notes are rarely used for day-to-day transactions.

Addressing Timing Concerns

Responding to questions about the timing of the decision, Das acknowledged that such queries are inevitable. He explained that similar questions would have been raised regardless of whether the decision was made earlier or later.


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