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Ratan Tata Birthday: Ratan Tata Love Story

ratan tata birthday, ratan tata love story

First of all, happy birthday to Ratan Tata sir! Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata had revealed some lesser known details about himself on the popular Humans of Bombay page on Facebook published on February 12, 2020. The industrialist, who…

Why Kantara movie is famous?

Why Kantara movie is famous

Malayalam films mainly try to keep it more regional and ethnic and believe that the more ethnic it is, the more international appeal it has. Tamil films mainly keep it regional and political rather than ethnic. It is very difficult…

Old actors look like Girls!

rajesh roshan

This is very exciting and it is fun to think how old Bollywood actors would look if they became girls! These photographs have not been made to make someone sleep, but under a curiosity, all the photographs have been made…