Benaulim Beach: Things You Must Know!

In my Goa tour, I have had the pleasure of visiting several beaches in Goa, and Benaulim Beach has always been one of my favourites. Located in the southern part of Goa, Benaulim Beach is known for its pristine white sand, swaying palm trees and picturesque sunsets. I’ll share my recent experience visiting Benaulim Beach and delve into its attractions, compare it to other nearby beaches, discuss accommodation options, and ultimately determine whether it’s worth the trip .

Benaulim Beach

Why is Benaulim Beach famous?

Benaulim Beach is famous for its natural beauty, serene environment and relaxing atmosphere. The beach stretches for about 1.5 kilometers, making it ideal for long walks or leisurely strolls. The soft white sand is perfect for sunbathing, and the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Sea are ideal for swimming. Benaulim Beach is also known for its picturesque sunset, which offers a breathtaking view as the sun dips below the horizon, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Which is better: Colva or Benaulim Beach?

Both Colva and Benaulim Beach are popular beaches in South Goa, known for their beauty and recreational activities. However, Benaulim Beach offers a more serene and less crowded feel than Colva Beach, which tends to be more commercialized and bustling with tourists. Benaulim Beach offers a more relaxed vibe, making it the perfect destination for those seeking peace and relaxation away from the crowds.

Is Benaulim Beach in North Goa or South Goa?

Benaulim Beach is located in South Goa, about 7 kilometers west of Margao, the second largest city of Goa. South Goa is known for its pristine beaches, picturesque villages and less touristy atmosphere as compared to the bustling North Goa. Benaulim beach is easily accessible by road, and there are plenty of transportation options available, including taxis, buses, and motorbike rentals.

Benaulim Beach Resorts:

One of the highlights of Benaulim Beach is the availability of various accommodation options including resorts, guesthouses and beach huts. The beach front resorts offer mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea and are suitable for those looking for a comfortable and convenient stay. The resorts in Benaulim Beach are known for their warm hospitality, comfortable rooms and excellent facilities like swimming pools, restaurants and spa facilities. A stay at The Beachfront Resort at Benaulim Beach offers a unique opportunity to wake up to the sound of crashing waves, soak in the sea breeze and enjoy the tranquility of the beach at your doorstep.

Is Benaulim worth a visit?

Absolutely! Benaulim Beach is the perfect destination for those who want a peaceful and relaxing beach experience. The beach’s natural beauty, serene atmosphere and friendly locals make it a top choice for travelers looking for a serene and less touristy destination in Goa. The beach offers a variety of recreational activities including swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, making it the perfect place to leisurely relax or indulge in some beachside adventures.


Benaulim Beach is a hidden gem in South Goa, which offers a pristine beach experience away from the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds. Its natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and availability of accommodation options make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking peace, tranquility and natural beauty. Whether you want to relax on the soft sand, take a dip in the Arabian Sea, or enjoy a breathtaking sunset, Benaulim Beach is worth a visit. So, pack your bags, put on flip-flops, and get ready to explore the beauty of Benaulim Beach on your next trip to Goa. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


How do I reach Benaulim Beach?

Easily accessible by road, Benaulim Beach is located in South Goa, about 7 kilometers west of Margao, with transport options such as taxis, buses and motorbike rentals.

What are the options for staying at Benaulim Beach?

Benaulim offers beach resorts, guesthouses and beach shacks, the beachfront resorts offer stunning Arabian Sea views and facilities like swimming pools, restaurants and spas.

Is Benaulim Beach crowded with tourists?

Benaulim Beach offers a calmer and less crowded feel than other popular beaches in Goa, perfect for those looking for peace and relaxation away from the crowds.

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