Spirinac vs Teresi: Golf Influencers' Showdown

by Jaano India

img: twitter.com

Paige Spirinac is the biggest influencer related to golf, known for sharing photos in skimpy clothing and bikinis with a golfing twist.

img: twitter.com

Bri Teresi, an OnlyFans star, has been stealing the limelight during the Masters at Augusta with her own set of golf-themed pictures on social media.

img: celebmafia.com

Teresi has 990,000 followers on Twitter, surpassing Spirinac's 842,000 followers on the same platform.

img: thescottishsun.com

However, Spirinac dominates Instagram with 3.7 million followers, compared to Teresi's 1.4 million.

img: golfcuties.com

Teresi credits her increase in engagement to posting golf content, which has led to hosting jobs and meeting new people.

img: thesun.com

Both Spirinac and Teresi's social media presence revolves around their looks and golf-themed content.

img: thesun.com

The Masters at Augusta is a big time of year for both Spirinac and Teresi, who garner attention for their unique approach to golf on social media.

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