Disney World to Make Big Changes To Serve Huge Crowd!

by Jaano India

9. Walt Disney wants to maximize its revenue while providing a positive guest experience at its theme parks.

Variable pricing is one way that Disney has attempted to manage crowds by pricing tickets based on demand, but it hasn't been effective in reducing crowds.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is committed to improving the guest experience by reducing crowding, even if it means limiting the number of guests.

While price increases can help reduce crowds, there's a limit to how much Disney can increase prices without putting off customers.

To reduce crowding, Disney has expanded park hours at three of the four Disney World theme parks in April 2023.

The expansion of park hours should help spread crowds out and reduce wait times for guests.

By extending operating hours, Disney is hoping to encourage visitors to spend more time in the park and increase revenue without overcrowding.

Disney's Hollywood Studios will also run its nighttime show, "Fantasmic," twice a night at 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Disney is taking steps to balance profitability and guest experience to maintain its reputation as a top-notch theme park.

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