How to know US Women are interested in Men?

Last slide has master tip!

by Jaano India

She starts asking you about your love life.

Tip 12:

She laughs at all your jokes, even when they’re not funny.

Tip 11:

She agrees when you ask her to dance.

Tip 10:

She agrees when you ask her to go somewhere and she goes along with you.

Tip 09:

She accepts you touching her or even touches you back.

Tip 08:

Her body language is open and directed at you.

Tip 07:

From a distance: briefly breaking eye contact and then locking in again.

Tip 06:

Prolonged eye contact, accompanied with a smile / smiling with er eyes.

Tip 05:

Constantly licking of her lips.

Tip 04:

Touching herself: for example sliding her hand along her neck or collarbone.

Tip 03:

She starts re-applying her lipstick to look better.

Tip 02:

Touching of hair / adjusting and modifying her hair.

Tip 01:

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