Taylor Swift’s Cat Is 3rd Wealthiest Pet In The World!

by Jaano India

img: sputniknews.com

Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson's reported worth $97 Million wealth! Top 2 pets will make your jaw drop!

img: eveningstandard.com

Swift is a cat mother to three felines Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button.

img: eonline.com

Her pets don’t have any Instagram handles but through her IG handle, we see her cute little paw children!

img: philstar.com

Olivia also seen alongside Taylor Swift in a Diet Coke commercial.

img: hollywoodreporter.com

The second wealthiest pet is Nala the cat with a net worth of $100 million

img: bosshunting.com

The richest pet title goes to a German shepherd named Gunther VI.

img: news18.com

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