8 Funny Prank Ideas For April Fool's Day

by Jaano India

8. Fake Lottery Ticket -
Give them a fake lottery ticket with winning numbers and watch their excitement turn to disappointment.

7. Switch the Sugar and Salt -
Swap the sugar and salt containers in the kitchen, and wait for them to taste the difference.

6. Fake Parking Ticket -
Place a fake parking ticket on their car and watch them panic until they realize it's a prank.

5. Swap their Phone Wallpaper -
Change their phone wallpaper to a funny picture or a screenshot of a fake text conversation.

4. Fake News Headline -
Create a fake news headline and share it with them, then sit back and watch as they believe it for a moment.

3. Prank Call -
Call them and pretend to be a friend or relative they haven't spoken to in years.

2. Air Horn Under Chair -
Place an air horn under their chair cushion, and wait for them to sit down and trigger the noise.

1. Fake Invitation -
Create a fake invitation to a fancy event or party and invite them, then reveal it was a prank when they show up.

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