5-Show Broadway Residency By Jonas Brothers

by Jaano India

img: billboard.com

8. The Jonas Brothers will perform a five-night residency on Broadway from March 14-18.

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7. Each night will feature one of their five albums.

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6. Nick Jonas has been involved in the theatre community since he was a child.

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5. The Jonas Brothers gained popularity from their appearances on the Disney Channel.

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4. The band consists of three brothers: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas.

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3. They have released five albums and have sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

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2. The group reunited in 2019 with the release of "Sucker," which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

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1. Their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins, was released in 2019 and topped the US Billboard 200.

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