8 Surprising Facts About Margot Robbie!

8 Surprising Facts About Margot Robbie!

By Jaano India

1. Margot Robbie has a dual citizenship of Australia and the UK.

img: mensjournal.com

2. She worked three jobs simultaneously before getting her acting break.

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3. Robbie used to have a pet rat named Rat Rat.

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4. Her first job was at Subway, where she was fired after only two months.

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5. She is a trained tattoo artist and has given tattoos to some of her friends.

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6. Robbie is a brand ambassador for Nissan Electric Vehicles.

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7. She had to train for months to perfect her ice skating skills for her role in "I, Tonya".

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8. Robbie co-founded the production company "LuckyChap Entertainment" with her husband and two friends.

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