8 Photos of Lonavala In Monsoon You Must See and Share!

By Jaano India

You'll see many waterfalls!

img: unstumbled.com

Highway to Lonavala covered in rainy clouds!

img: india.com

Small water streams near Lonavala in monsoon!

img: outlookindia.com

A waterfall near Lonavala and many people stop by here!

img: loksatta.com

Highway to Lonavala in monsoon! Best for long drive!

img: loksatta.com

Visapur fort near Lonavala in monsoon!

img: loksatta.com

Mumbai to Lonavala road trip in monsoon!

img: twitter.com

View of Bhor Ghats (Karjat - Lonavala) from train!

img: youtube.com

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