7 Businesses to do in Winter Season in India!

7 Businesses to do in Winter Season in India!

By Jaano India

8. Sweater business Most of north Indian states are best for this business.

7. Dry Fruit Business As diwali comes in winter, Indians prepares sweets and other snacks for it.

6. Sell decorative items Indians decorate theirs homes in diwali season.

5. Heater and Geyser Winter comes with basic problems. Heater and geyser helps with them.

4. Scarf and Shawl for winter Most of women wears scarf and muffler in winter.

3. Party Rental People want someone to do all arrangements and provide party equipments on rent.

2. Gifting Business Winter is full weddings and festivals hence gifting business is really good.

1. Tea and Coffee Shop This is every green business but during winter it booms!

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