10 Unknown Features of New Parliament Building You Must Know!

By Jaano India

10. New Parliament building will accommodate 888 MPs in the Lok Sabha and 384 seats in the Rajya Sabha, three times the current capacity.

img: ndtv.com

9. The new building eliminates the need for a Central Hall by incorporating a spacious Lok Sabha Hall for joint sessions.

img: ndtv.com

8. The new Parliament building is designed to withstand earthquakes and has been reinforced for seismic safety.

img: dailypioneer.com

7. The Lok Sabha will showcase the Peacock theme, while the Rajya Sabha will feature the Lotus theme.

img: sundayguardianlive.com

6. Each MP's seat will have a multimedia display, making it the first technologically advanced Parliament building.

img: hindustantimes.com

5. The new building prioritizes sustainability with green materials, energy-saving devices, rainwater harvesting, and solar power generation.

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4. The new Parliament House will have a higher number of committee rooms with advanced audio-visual systems.

img: indiatoday.com

3. Dedicated seats for media personnel and galleries for the public to witness proceedings ensure transparency and participation.

img: hcp.com

2. The new building aims to be accessible to all, including children, elderly, and disabled individuals, with improved entrance points and safety features.

img: abplive.com

1. Tata Projects Ltd is undertaking the construction, while HCP has designed this modern architectural marvel spanning 64,500 sqm.

img: thenewsminute.com

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