Overwatch 2 launches new defence matrix initiative

Blizzard is launching new features to Overwatch 2 which focuses on toxicity to new player features 

Blizzard is also featuring FTUE which means
First Time User Experience.

FTUE helps to prevent players from being overwhelmed by the modes and characters that Overwatch has.

As Overwatch 2 will have 11 game modes, as well as 35 unique heroes on new release.

One more feature is that players have to play 100 matches before they unlock all of the original heroes.

For competitive modes, players will have to win 50 Quick Play matches before playing competitively modes.

For Security and Safety Precautions,
The functions of SMS Protect are two-fold, both equally important.

The first is that SMS Protect helps protect you from hackers. Each account in Overwatch 2 is tied to one phone number.

Second function is that it helps protect players from toxic players. Once a player is banned, they cannot make a new account and would need new number for new account.

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