B-21 Raider: Most Advanced Military Aircraft By US

by Jaano India

The US Air Force unveils the B-21 Raider on December 2 which the most advanced military aircraft.

Northrop Grumman’s B-21 stealth bomber will join the US nuclear triad.

img: defenceview.com

According to company, it is capable of penetrating the toughest defences and delivering precision strikes anywhere in the world.

img: thenationalinterest.com

Designed with next-generation stealth technology, advanced networking capabilities, and an open systems architecture.

B-21 is capable of defeating the anti-access, area-denial systems it will encounter.

img: thenationalinterest.com

Able to deliver both conventional and nuclear payloads and employ a diverse range of stand-off and direct attack munitions.

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Capable of delivering nuclear and conventional warheads deep inside enemy territory without getting into radar.

img: nationworldnews.com

Cost of single plane is estimated to be $2 billion!

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