Arby's New Country Style Sandwich & Burger

As Arby's meat wasn't enough, they've come back with Burger & Sandwich with Pork.

Why is Arby's Country-Style Pork Rib sandwich special?

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Arby's "Country-Style Pork Rib" sandwich is coming back for the autumn season.

It's been smoked for "8 hours in a Texas steakhouse with crispy onions, BBQ sauce, mayo, and slices of smoked Gouda cheese on a toasted "star-topped" bun.

A returning sandwich which consists of strawberry filling and cream cheese in a flaky pastry pocket.

They claimed that the "real ribs" were surprisingly good for what they were and the smokey Gouda cheese was a welcome touch...

If you are a big fan of smokey pork flavor, then you're gonna love the Country-Style Pork Rib sandwich.

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