8 Odd Facts About National Margarita Day!

by Jaano India

8. National Margarita Day is celebrated on February 22 every year.

7. The origins of the drink are uncertain, but it's believed to have originated in Mexico.

6. The first frozen margarita machine was invented in 1971 by a Dallas restaurateur named Mariano Martinez.

5. The most expensive margarita in the world is priced at $1,200 and contains premium tequila and rare vintage liqueur.

4. In 2008, Margaritaville Holdings LLC broke the world record for the largest margarita, which was 8,500 gallons.

3. The most popular fruit flavor for a margarita is strawberry.

2. There are many variations of the margarita, including the spicy jalapeƱo margarita and the fruity watermelon margarita.

1. In 2020, the pandemic led to a surge in the sales of pre-made margarita mixes as people were forced to stay home.

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